A letter to the whole Labour Party

As it seems to be the ‘in-thing’, I’m going to write a letter with my views.

You don’t know me, I’m not an MP, I’m basically a nobody but I am a member.  I joined the party only after Corbyn was elected leader, I didn’t join in order to vote for him.  I didn’t vote for any leader as I wanted to leave the vote to those current members.  However, he was the person who inspired me to join.

It wasn’t actually an easy decision to make to join as doing so meant leaving the Greens behind.  I have an interesting back story and am probably not your ‘typical Labour member’, whatever that actually means.  I was actually born in a very working class house, brought up by a single-parent and the first in my family to get an A-level, let alone a degree but my whole family are ‘working-class tories’.  I too for the first years of my adult life was a Tory supporter as it’s what I knew and it’s what I grew up with.  Then, I left home, got ill and relied on the NHS for a while and met a wider range of people to what I was exposed growing up and my views gradually changed.  When my daughter was first born, I didn’t have a great deal of time to get involved in politics but I started thinking about what kind of world I wanted her to grow up in.  I then realised my Tory-view didn’t equate at all to the world I wanted and so I started reading more broadly, looking at different political views and actually researched all the parties in a great deal of detail.  I’m a scientist, I tend to deal with facts and figures better then political spin!

I finally worked out where I lay on the political spectrum and realised it was the Greens that were closest to these values.  So I joined and was actively involved and am still very much a supporter of them.  But, with the political system of FPTP there was no way in a short space of time that they would get elected in government.

Then Corbyn came along (well he’d always been there but the Labour leadership put him in the spotlight) and I was excited.  Again, I took the approach of researching him, his background, his prior votes and his stances and I realised he agreed with my political stance too.  Finally, someone who represents me and in charge of a major party.  Finally a chance to get the sort of government I truly believe will benefit my daughter’s generation.  Even better news, lots of others shared my views and the Labour membership surged, polls on his popularity rose and his rating rose above the current PM.  It was all looking great for the next general election.  People who I spoke to who were never interested in politics, many of whom didn’t even vote for anyone in the last election, young people, students, working class people, middle class people….people were finally relieved someone outside the ‘establishment’ was there to represent them.  Green moved over, Lib Dems moved over, independents moved over.

So it saddens me, and yes I am sad not being tribal, deluded, nor a Corbynista (still not quite sure what that means) that his own party seem to be tearing him apart.  This party doesn’t speak to me, the MPs resigning don’t represent my views, this isn’t about the EU referendum, that’s a feeble excuse.  I am ashamed of the Labour party and what it has become in the past few days, whenever there was a time to unite and capitalise on the anti-establishment feeling, it is now.  We don’t need another polished spin doctor in a suit and tie to engage with the disillusioned.  We need the guy who was on the way up and connecting with non-voters.

Therefore I want to give my support to Jeremy Corbyn MP, not in a tribal way but in a way that I think is best for the British people and getting the outcome we need in the next election.


3 thoughts on “A letter to the whole Labour Party

  1. I feel I identify with your case, but I had never joined parties in my life before Corbyn was elected Labour Leader. I have known Corbyn’s brave positions on important issues at home and abroad. Simply put, Corbyn cares, and has great decency in him, is principled, and is one I can trust.


  2. The rest of the Labour Party should have capitalised on the huge grassroots support Corbyn has and helped to bolster it and support him. He showed he was willing to accept diversity, why couldn’t they ? That was the intelligent way forward, not this. They are following the old path of back stabbing and duplicity. It doesn’t endear anyone to their cause, it won’t gain any mass support from the electorate. They won’t win a general election now. What wonderful specimen is going to replace Corbyn anyway ? Are they waiting for some sort of Tony Blair clone to materialise ? Frankly I don’t know why they have even bothered.


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